Regular Corporation

The Incorporator for regular corporations includes the following:

  • Handsome, durable three ring binder encased in matching slipcover
  • Gold label on spine of binder imprinted with corporate name
  • Five mylar reinforced tab indexes for Articles of Incorporation, Minutes, Bylaws, Forms and Stock Certificates/Transfer Ledger
  • Printed minutes, bylaws and forms which require minimum completion with insertion of name of corporation, shareholders, officers, etc.
  • All minutes, bylaws and forms are tailored to specific state law with appropriate code sections.
  • Book of twenty stock certificates imprinted with corporate name, total shares authorized and par value. Each certificate is separated from the next by a transfer sheet.
  • Stock ledger which details names of shareholders, number of shares held and dates of issuance and transfers of stock
  • Pocket corporate seal (steel with onyx and chrome finish) in black vinyl seal case which fits into binder. Seal is imprinted with corporate name and year of incorporation.
  • Instructions for Secretary and Practitioner for easy completion of corporate book

Note: The laws of some states, including South Carolina, provide for a statutory close corporation election. This election is made when the Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Secretary of State. When ordering a corporate kit, please indicate whether the corporation is a regular or statutory close corporation.

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