Nonprofit Corporation

The Incorporator for nonprofit corporations includes the following:
  • Handsome, durable three ring binder encased in matching slipcover
  • Gold label on spine of binder imprinted with corporate name
  • Four mylar reinforced tab indexes for Articles of Incorporation, Minutes, Bylaws and Forms
  • Printed minutes, bylaws and forms which require minimum completion with insertion of name of corporation, shareholders, officers, etc.
  • Generic minutes, bylaws and forms
  • Pocket corporate seal (steel with onyx and chrome finish) in black vinyl seal case which fits into binder. Seal is imprinted with corporate name and year of incorporation
  • Instructions for Secretary and Practitioner for easy completion of corporate book

Note: Each nonprofit corporation is unique in its purpose and, frequently, its structure. It is, therefore, difficult to provide standard minutes, bylaws and forms which meet the needs of all nonprofit corporations. The documents contained in this kit are provided for use as sample materials only.

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